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Submitted on
September 17, 2013


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I would like to inform you of something that you-for some reason-didn't know already. Now I know I'm  beating a dead horse here, but...

You all need to learn what real music is.

Now, this-……………………………

Is real music. Metal, rock, alternative, and house. Some of the greatest genres of music ever invented by mankind. It is fucking amazing, and is the result of several wonderful musicians working tirelessly to create the best music they possibly can, possibly by the influence of illegal drugs. This is what true music sounds like, and if there is a god, He/She was the one to create these amazing people to do what they did

THIS on the other hand...…………………

Is not music. This is shit. All of it. The lyrics have no substance, the singer can't sing, most of them sound like they're having some kind of stroke, and every one of them should give up on music all-together. These mongoloids have other mongoloids write their lyrics for them and play instruments/make beats for them, and rather untalented mongoloids at that.

So, there you go. A brief lesson on what music is. Hope this was informative to you.

Well, as the amazing atheist says, peace the fuck out!
Uzi-Talon Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Though I do agree with you 95%, I don't think house or dubstep is really music. It is when rap singing is in it, even though I hardly ever listen to rap, but other than that it's just a bunch of farting noises to me. That's just me though. There is one house type song I like though Hucci and Stookie Sound Ball So Hard. That's about it. Otherwise I'm a huuuuge metal head \m/
dante0525 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
Fuck yeah!! Metal is bad ass!!! \m/
SmilingHatSalesmare Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I respect your opinion, though mine is different, I like both, as a lover of Evanescence Green Day Three days Grace ect. I can agree with you, but also I'm a huge fan of Ke$ha (mostly cannible and her other darker songs) Avril Lavigne Lady Gaga Jefree Star ect. I disagree, but as long as you respect my opinion on the subject of music I'll respect yours... (Wow I'm sorry for the rant, to make things short I love all types of music, except for Country it's not my cup of tea, though you should be hating on the pop SINGERS not the songs, they're all completely insane literally XD)
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